Sunday, August 28, 2011

Playgrounds For The Kids

There's this playground in the housing area where my parents live.

I guess playgrounds are important for the growth of our kids, so that they'll have a place to play and enjoy. But what do you do when the playground isnt well maintained? Well, that's food for thought. We wouldn't want our kids to be in a dangerous environment right.

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  1. Pro-active communities would co-operate to maintain and keep their children playgrounds in tip-top shape. Not dependent on the city council all the time.

    Of course, they would not do anything - just know how to blame the government when they themselves vandalise the place. No respect for public property, never know how to use the things properly and with care.

    The typical Malaysian mentality! Sampai mati pun tak boleh!

  2. STP,
    Well said, there is a community committee in charge of the condominium facilities. But the playground is still in a deplorable state recently.

    Probably you're right, it depends on the public and how they care for the playground XD

    Actually, still can play 'lah'! Haha

  3. This certainly reminds me of my childhood :) Thks for sharing, Isaac!