Monday, August 29, 2011

MPH Bookstores Gurney Plaza

Do you love books? I for one grew up reading all types of books ranging from mystery novels, adventure books to the really interesting John Grisham's novels.

So here I am at one of the largest bookstore chain in Malaysia, just soaking in the atmosphere and browsing through their books. MPH is huge to say the least. Check out below to see rows after rows of books.

I guess now with the wedding coming, yours truly will have to spend more time in this section below!

Sometimes I wish MPH lets us borrow the awesome books there like the library. But that would be wishful thinking wouldn't it.

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  1. So expensive these days...and anyway, old man...even before finishing the first page, already fallen asleep. Hahahaha!!

  2. lol! Where got old man, you're still young and fresh! XD